"She then kicks off her party—at which geeky Wade (Matthew Stadelmann) adores her and nasty Ballard (a brilliant Erin Felgar) undermines her—the sort of get-together we’re all grateful to have well behind us."  -Helen Shaw, Time Out New York

"Everyone falls for the wrong person. Ballard (a stingingly sharp Erin Felgar) has a crush on Derek (Teddy Bergman), who professes interest in Margot (Heidi Niedermayer), whom the misfit Wade (Matthew Stadelmann) haplessly pursues."  -Jason Zinoman, The New York Times

"Erin Felgar is a class standout as her smart and sexy Florentine daughter Diana"  - Frank Rizzo, Variety

"As for the girl herself, Erin Felgar, a Drama School student, proves herself gamesome, gamboling, and gorgeous. This is an actor to watch.  -Malcolm Johnson, The Hartford Courant

"One half expects Sofia Loren to slink across the stage. And indeed she does, in the person of Erin Felgar. Clothed in a tight, revealing bodice, swishy skirt, and seductive curls, she is very appropriatively the source of Bertram's downfall"  -Irene Backalecnick,